EBM-Industrial-Goth DJ

2018-11-30 – Club Immortal / Pori

DJ E-110 played after Kuroshio show with DJ’s Tritium, Perkele, and K-109.

01:45 – 02:45

Grendel – Flux
Faderhead – Baby Firefly (October Reanimation)
In Strict Confidence – Silver Bullets (Club Mix)
The Firm Incorporated – Abgebrannt (In Your Face)
Rabia Sorda – Hotel Suicide (Aesthetic Perfection remix)
Imperative Reaction – As We Fall
Project Pitchfork – Timekiller (And One remix)
Douglas J McCarthy – Move On (Extended Original 12″)
Apoptygma Berzerk – Non Stop Violence (CNN version)
Covenant – Tour De Force
Rotersand – Merging Oceans (Neuroticfish remix)
Mirreya – Grey (X-Marks The Pedwalk remix)


Baarikaappi, Hallituskatu 1, Pori

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